Does your automobile pull to the side when you try to drive straight? This is a blatant sign that your car needs wheel alignment work. Your car’s performance overall, tire longevity, and fuel efficiency will all suffer without wheel alignment.

Your tires should be inspected for any misalignment or uneven tire wear during normal auto maintenance. Wheel alignment is altering the wheels’ angles to meet predetermined standards. This improves overall car performance and lowers the possibility of uneven tire wear. Because alignments are a difficult operation, it is preferable to have a professional manage your car’s alignment. And for that reason, Snono Auto is here to help.




  • Suspension and steering systems inspection (including tire pressure and condition)
  • Vehicle is positioned on an alignment rack, which is equipped with installed laser sensors that measure the alignment settings.
  • Initial tire alignment readings on paper
  • According to manufacturer specifications, camber, caster, and toe angles are changed.
  • Vehicle test drive


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